I didn't notice how I had captured the reflection of the clouds in the water until after I'd uploaded the photo to my computer. I really like this shot.



Sorry guys, but this one is pretty self-explanatory!

I took the shot through the windshield of my car which is probably why it appears blurry. I was going to get out of my car and take a shot of it from all sides but then I thought someone would see me and call the men in the white jackets so I refrained from doing so! Besides, I think it paints a clear enough picture just from the back, don't you?!


Little Ogeechee River

Back in late June when I first headed out to start using my then-new digital camera, this is one of the first pictures I tried to take but because it was on an overpass that was even heavily traveled at 5-something in the morning, it was my birthday and I didn't feel like dying on my birthday, I gave up the effort!

I think a photographer's passion really shines through when they will do anything to get a shot. Not that I claim to be a photographer or a good one at that, but I did take this shot through the driver's side window while driving which, of course, I don't recommend anyone doing because it scared the crap outta' me!



Yeah, don't I wish!

In recent years, my daughter has been very into gardening. Beans, seeds, bulbs, you name it and she just wants to see if she can grow it!

She especially liked this tiny pot

because of...well, what else would an eight year old girl who thinks she's a fashion queen be interested in?! You guessed it, the real earrings attached to the pot! She's already claimed them as her own!


A pretty fruit, not so pretty on taste

This pretty little fruit comes from a Pindo Palm and are called Pindo Dates in my part of the south. In other parts of the south, like in Florida, the tree is known as the Jelly Palm. The Pindo Palm I've linked to is not mine although it appears the dimensions of the pictured palm and the one in my backyard are fairly similar except I can't get a good shot of it at the present time for obvious reasons.

While the fruit is attractive to look at, that's pretty much all it has going for it! It is juicy and tender but tastes like poison! I know some people enjoy them, but it's definitely an acquired taste! It would probably make an interesting-tasting pie but I think I'll stick with apple!


Jonathan Livingston Seagull

I believe I read the book when I was in middle school and I remember it well. One of my favorites.


Another view

Here is another view of the Tybee Lighthouse. I couldn't tell which one I liked better. In this one, I liked the contrast of the color of the clouds against the darker backdrop of the sky. It was also taken from the beach whereas the earlier photo was taken directly in front of it as I was driving by. Your thoughts?