Victory Drive

This particular road stretches from one side of town all the way to the beach at Tybee Island. In town, blocks and blocks of Victory Drive are lined with palm trees and large oak trees that drape the street, as you see below. For those who haven't caught on yet, palm trees and oak trees with Spanish moss are just a few of my favorite things about living in the south!

This picture doesn't even do this street justice as it's also lined with large, antebellum estates. As much as I wanted to take photographs of the homes, early-morning walkers and joggers were already looking at me funny and I didn't want to draw more attention to myself than I already had!


Tug said...

I LOVE tree-lines streets... do you have (what's it called) kutzu maybe? there? It's a killer on trees, but it sure is pretty...what IS it called?

Ivanna Takurpicture said...

Tug, I don't believe we have Kudzu here but we did in Atlanta and it's awful! Sure it's pretty but it chokes the shit out of all other plants, grows a foot a day and the only way to kill it is to burn it. I had a Kudzu shirt once that actually came with a sample of Kudzu vine and it asked the questions "Do you know how to plant Kudzu?" the answer was "Throw it and run!".

Queen Goob said...

LOVE Live oaks and Spanish moss. We have a lot of canopy roads around - need to scan some of my other stuff as I'm still a film girl at heart, too!

And Tug, we have kudzu and yes it sucks but here in North Florida we have goat farmers that move their herds all over town to eat the stuff away - surprising how much a small herd of goats can eat and how quickly as well. Weird having them in the parking lot of Target BUT we do what we have to do.

Queen Goob said...

SHUT UP!!!!! I just read my other comments and realized who this was!! I'm so psyched to share my hobbie with you and you bet your ASS I'll be coming back here, Missy Moo!

Tug said...

Funny - we're surrounded by livestock here, and I've yet to see a goat in the Target parking lot - LOL. (OK, so we don't have kudzu).

Yeah Ivanna, my grandparents were in AL, so I heard the horror stories of kudzu, but it's still pretty. ;-)

Ivanna Takurpicture said...

Queen, goats?! That's hysterical!! I would think, though, that the Kudzu grows back just as fast as the goats eat through it!

I was so excited to know that there was someone else in this world who was a virgin digital camera user like myself! I can't tell you how long I fought the digital age! I was always a film girl but when I was started photos of important events and they weren't coming out, it made me realize that I had no choice but to get a digital camera. I never thought I'd hear myself say this but I've never been happier!!

sista #2 said...

those trees are gorgeous. Love the photo.